Financial Asset Securitisation

A&F is independent: this allows us impartially to guide clients in selecting the most suitable third parties such as Lead Managers and Bookrunners, Underwriters, Swap Counterparties, Account Banks, Agent Banks, etc.

A&F draws on its team’s decades of cumulative experience in arranging structured finance transactions, experience that has included  debut securitizations in Italy, Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, both by asset class and by originator.

The financial assets we have successfully securitised range from residential and commercial mortgages (conventional and Islamic), consumer loans, leasing receivables, dealer floor plan receivables, utility bill receivables and certain other exotic assets.

A&F’s teams have arranged a total volume of more than Euro 70 billion. They have also won two International Securitisation Review Awards.

Since formation we have successfully closed 19 transactions in these asset classes:

Leasing receivables 5
SME Loans 5
Factoring receivables 3

As of now, A&F has arranged financial asset securitizations in a total volume in excess of Euro 7 billion.

TRACK RECORD – Financial Asset Securitisation