Managed Investment Platform

A&F has developed a managed investment platform which enables investors to benefit from our expertise and infrastructure. A&F allows investors to achieve individual, bespoke risk / reward profiles within its managed investment platform.  A&F’s managed investment platform provides access to different asset classes with stable historic performance, with very low loss rates and low volatility under various macro economic cycles.

A&F’s managed investment platform is NOT a vulture: we do not rely on distressed assets or market dislocation to create value.

A&F executes and monitors transactions which are included in our managed investment platform.

One of A&F’s managed investment platform compartments is focused on equity tranches of performing trade receivables securitisations.

A&F invests its own funds in each transaction available to investors, thus ensuring total alignment of investors’ interests with those of A&F (and in certain cases A&F is junior in principle repayment to other investors).

The Investment Structure

A&F conducts its asset management activity through a regulated Italian based Fund, denominated TRE

To date, A&F has committed funds under management in Hermes of Euro 50 million.

The investment strategy concentrates on performing trade receivable securitisations which provide access to:

  • investments not ordinarily available  other than to financing banks
  • with limited risk
  • with top credit quality originators
  • with the continuous involvement of the main lending banks.

Primary investments are in pan European  trade receivables:

  •  due from, or supported by, sovereign or sub-sovereign entities
  • normally originated by top telecommunications and utilities companies
  • often originated by  companies  operating in anti-cyclical sectors

A&F has added 32 equity tranches to our managed investment platform in a total amount exceeding  Euro 25 million since 2009. Actual investment performance in all 32 tranches has been strong – meeting or exceeding our initial modeling parameters.

TRACK RECORD – Managed Investment Platform